Civil Service & Executive privilege

Daily Alta California,  19 February 1886 WAR ON CLEVELAND. Senator Edmunds’ Fires a Gun at the Federal Administration. REFUSAL TO SHOW DOCUMENTS. A Formal Arraignment of the Attorney-General and President by the Republican Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. WASHINGTON, February 18th.— In the Senate, to-day, Edmunds, on behalf of the majority of the Judiciary … [Read more…]


WHAT ENGLISH WORKMEN SING. “The Secularist Manual of Songs and Ceremonies ” has recently attracted some notoriety, from the allusion made to it by Gladstone in a recent speech. It is the creed and song-book, so to speak, of the revolutionary working classes in England, and a correspondent furnishes some specimens of the rhyme it … [Read more…]

Bill Edwards

We were buddies in the year I went to Ephrata Junior High, or was it before that? I don’t recall when Bill died, but I recall we were pals with John Hann, Mike Parks, and others, Terry Kearns? Jeff Chambers? I don’t recall Bill’s funeral, I know he is buried in the Protestant section of … [Read more…]

Immigrant Problems California 1919

In the archive article found at this link:——-en–20–1–txt-txIN——–1  you will read some interesting viewpoints concerning the “Japanese Immigration” problem in California in 1919. As I read more California “history*” from this site, I am continually reminded of our current crop of candidates in the 2016 Presidential race, their proposed platforms on immigration and how, … [Read more…]


Daily Alta California – 25 February 1882 BEER. Its Use Increasing in the United States — Surpassing Excellence of the Product of the Philadelphia Brewery of this City. Gradually the consumption of beer increases in this country, and what formerly was almost an entirely national German beverage, is becoming the national beverage of the United … [Read more…]

George Monbiot on Indonesian Fires, Guardian, 30th October 2015

… Governments ignore issues when the media ignores them. And the media ignores them because … well, there’s a question with a thousand answers, many of which involve power. But one reason is the complete failure of perspective in a de-skilled industry dominated by corporate press releases, photo ops and fashion shoots, where everyone seems … [Read more…]

Sweet Bird

I read that Joni is seriously ill. I hope for the best. Sweet Bird by Joni Mitchell Out on some borderline Some mark of in between I lay down golden in time And woke up vanishing Sweet bird you are Briefer than a falling star All these vain promises on beauty jars Somewhere with your … [Read more…]

Earth quaking 04/25/2015

There was a very large and lethal quake in Nepal today, 7.8, many thousands lost their lives. The pacific is resonating with many quakes around 5.0, so far I count 8. There are more than 20 in Nepal and China. I’m paranoid and am waiting for something else to give due to this activity. (Added … [Read more…]