Earth quaking 04/25/2015

There was a very large and lethal quake in Nepal today, 7.8, many thousands lost their lives. The pacific is resonating with many quakes around 5.0, so far I count 8. There are more than 20 in Nepal and China. I’m paranoid and am waiting for something else to give due to this activity. (Added … [Read more…]

Letters to Tricksters of Islamophobia Who Are Playing the Game of Racists – arrrrg

(title in French; “Lettre aux escrocs de l’islamophobie qui font le jeu des racistes.”) … (Stephane) Charbonnier said the problem is not religions but those who practice and distort them. “The problem is not the Quran or the Bible — sleep-inducing, incoherent and badly written novels — but the faithful who read the Quran or … [Read more…]

Sonoma County Opens ‘Recycletown’

On Saturday, June 27, at the County Sanitary Landfill on Mecham Road off south Stony Point Road between Petaluma and Cotati, “Recycletown” will be officially inaugurated by Garbage Reincarnation, Inc., the Sonoma County Community Recycling Center, and by the Sonoma County Public Works Department. Recycletown is a place where citizens can bring used oil, paint, … [Read more…]

Charle Haden

Charlie Haden is no more. From the New York Times of Sunday 13 July, 2014: “Mr. Haden, who liked to say he was driven by concern for “the struggle of the poor people,” hardly restricted his opinions to the Liberation Music Orchestra. While playing a festival with Mr. Coleman in Lisbon, in 1971, he dedicated … [Read more…]


I’ve loaded excerpts from John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” , Jacques Ellul’s “The Technological Society” and Gary Panter’s very original “Rozztox Manifesto” to stimulate thinking about advertising and its effects on modern culture. In the use of the techniques of propaganda to sell products, ideas, and ways of life, we’ve allowed ourselves to be manipulated … [Read more…]