Sonoma County Opens ‘Recycletown’

On Saturday, June 27, at the County Sanitary Landfill on Mecham Road off south Stony Point Road between Petaluma and Cotati, “Recycletown” will be officially inaugurated by Garbage Reincarnation, Inc., the Sonoma County Community Recycling Center, and by the Sonoma County Public Works Department.
Recycletown is a place where citizens can bring used oil, paint, batteries, newspaper, glass, furniture, toys, paint, clothing, bicycles, bicycle parts, office furniture, mattress foam, mattresses, construction debris such as windows, doors, porcelain and plastic fixtures as well as the occasional used picnic table and benches, stereos, lamps, and anything else reusable. There is no charge to recycle, and it will reduce the landfill costs.
The Recycletown kickoff is free to all, and the hours will be 10 am to 3:00 pm. The public is invited to enjoy the sculpture yard, which features seven totem poles decorated with junk, and junk food, and is encouraged to participate in the art contest entitled Scrapture. $500 in prize money will be awarded for the following categories: Junk Art Sculpture (art made from found or scrounged objects); Scarp Craft (useable craft from found or scrounged objects); and Creative Builders (judged by a maximum of four photos per project). The latter category will have awards for professionals and amateurs, while the first two will have an additional award group for child entrants.
The contests will be judged by representatives from the art community. the county, and the recycling/solid waste profession.
For more information about how to enter art contests or more about the event call 765-3660.

June 3, 1992 Petaluma Weekly News – Page 3

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