Must See the Race

From the Sacramento Daily Union, 18 April 1856 – some things never change:

Must See the Race. — The Legislature, not
much to its credit certainly, adjourned yesterday,
not far from 12 o’clock, for the sole purpose of
permitting the majority to attend at the Race
Course, and witness the race. As per resolution,
that body has but three more days in which to
clear away the mass of business now lying on the
tables of the two Houses; a considerable portion
of this important business could have been dis-
posed of yesterday, had the Legislature continued
its session, as it ought to have done. Such moves
on the part of a reform Legislature will sound
very unpleasantly in the ears of the people in the
next State campaign. When will public men in
this State learn wisdom ?

I wonder if it was a bi-partisan vote?

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