Below are time-lapse movies of the weather shot from our balcony in Neuchatel Switzerland. The camera faces south to the Alps .
November 2010 to Mid-April 2011, most movies were one day in length. Due to increasing length of the day, movies made after 18 April, 2011 may cover 2 or 3 days, this allows me to leave the camera running, which is easier on my schedule.

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How it was done: I used a SONY HDC-1000E video camera mounted on a tripod. Each day the following occurred: All this takes about 20 minutes per night, it has become a ritual after dinner. If you have questions use the contact link above.
Cheers, John

Moved to HTML5: In March 2017, I transcoded all the SWF files to MP4 using HANDBREAK in batch mode. If you see a video which doesn't work, please send me a note at the contact link above.

Boats leave the port at 06:30, 12:10, 18:10(Mon-Fri), 09:30(Sat Sun), 14:10(Sun),
roundtrip is 80 min. From April 1, a boat arrives at 16:00, departs at 16:15 on weekends.