Blackberries.— This palatable berry is now to be gathered in the richest profusion above and be- low the city, on the banks of the Sacramento river, and also in the swamps of Yolo county. On yes- terday they were a drug in the market. Sacramento Daily Union,  6 June 1855  

A Meteor

A Meteor. — One of these astronomical phenomenon, afforded our citizens an opportunity of observing him at full length last evening, “tail and all.” The meteor darted out of the starlit sky at a point forty-five degrees above the western horizon. It shot westward, traversing about one-half of the space between the spot whence it … [Read more…]

Dr. Jacob Webber’s Invigorating Cordial

TO THE INVALID, DYSPEPTIC, NERVOUS, WEAK AND LANGUID. Do you feel prostration of the nerves, the body or mind? Are your limbs continually weak and tired? Do you feel languid and exhausted and incapable of exercise or labor? Are your nerves unstrung, your spirits low, and a general feeling of exhaustion, inanimation and weakness, pervading … [Read more…]


Daily Alta California, 3 June 1869 Perjury. – About ten days since Jacob Spingler was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor, for writing an obscene letter in German to a young woman named Jennie Rohl. He was tried in the Police Court and fined $100. On the trial Spingler testified that he could neither write … [Read more…]