Colonel Arguellet

Daily Alta California, Volume 16, Number 5211, 9 June 1864 Miscellaneous. Colonel Arguellet, who lately arrived in this city from Havana, was yesterday morning at an early hour arrested in his hotel, by two persons who represented themselves to be United States Deputy Marshals. No information was given the Colonel as to the cause of … [Read more…]

Charle Haden

Charlie Haden is no more. From the New York Times of Sunday 13 July, 2014: “Mr. Haden, who liked to say he was driven by concern for “the struggle of the poor people,” hardly restricted his opinions to the Liberation Music Orchestra. While playing a festival with Mr. Coleman in Lisbon, in 1971, he dedicated … [Read more…]

Time Lapse

Time-lapse by sergneri » Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:09 pm I’ve been fascinated by time-lapse photography since the days when the Wonderful World of Disney was the only color television show and they had these great nature films. You can see the films I’ve made over the last few weeks here Included here are … [Read more…]