1. Patty

    The radio looks great. I have one as well and wondering the value of yours. I’m thinking about selling mine.
    Thank you.

    • sergneri

      This is a tough question, a lot of the value depends on the condition of the radio, does it play, is it all there, will it require an update (which is normal if untouched)? Most radios from this era have electronics which are failing (not the tubes, surprisingly) and in some cases can be down right dangerous to fire up.
      For the GE shown here, in my area, I’d ask $250 for it, which my wife thinks is too cheap, but I didn’t redo the cabinet to spec. Your location will drive some of the price, the coastal areas can go higher and the mid-country lower, same in Canada.
      I monitor Craig’s List for old radios and see what does and doesn’t go locally, many people are looking for this vintage look, but if it doesn’t work, they’ll turn it into a cabinet, which is a horrible fate for an fine old radio.

      Edit: If you look at the “before” photos in the post, you can see it was in pretty rough shape. I bought it for $50 and realized it might clean up and I might be able to update it, or not. I was lucky, it cleaned up nicely and there was nothing seriously wrong with it.

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