1. Emily P.

    Thanks for sharing links to the Pandemic Journal series! I just read a couple of them, and they are great.

    I’ve been wearing not only a scarf but a pair of goggles to the supermarket. No one has recommended this, but I worry that the virus can enter through the eyes, and I figure it couldn’t hurt to put on goggles as long as I’m going to the trouble of tying a triple-folded scarf around my nose and mouth.

    Eventually, I should make or purchase a proper face mask, as the scarf is a bit cumbersome to use. Thankfully, I have to deal with it only once very eight or nine days. I go absolutely nowhere, other than the supermarket, and I’m okay with it. As an introvert who works from home, the social distancing has not has as much of an impact on me. I do miss my Meetup friends, but we are now going to start having our monthly meetings through Zoom. Hooray for that.

    I see some wonderful recipes for morning glory muffins on the Internet. Perhaps you and your wife will find one that tastes as good as the one from your market.

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