1. Emily P.

    I am glad we have Ed Yong at “The Atlantic.” He’s always a voice of reason and a good example to others. Last month he canceled his own birthday party because he believed it was unconscionable to put people at risk over a trivial social event.

    I look around me at the supermarket every week and wonder why people are so lackadaisical about masks. We all know omicron is milder, but why take chances? Why get sick (even a little bit sick) and possibly put unnecessary strain on the healthcare system now or in the near future? I’m vaxxed and boosted but still as vigilant as ever because I want to be responsible and not burden the system.

    The public perception at the moment seems to be that omicron is so contagious, it’s practically inevitable and we may as well give in to it. Not me. I love my N-95 and I don’t want to take my health or my healthcare providers for granted.

    • sergneri

      I look better with an N95 8-)).

      Seriously, there was some press in which the fine folks at UCSF were doing the debate about what should count as a COVID-19 admission, those who test at admission or those who are know to have the virus. I spoke to my rheumatologist last week and she was, for the first time I’ve known her, in a tizzy due to the uptick in the hospital where she works.
      Here, our county health folks have asked us to comply with advice to stay at home, but the good old Chamber of Commerce is pushing back as are, of all people, the coaches at the local high schools. The kids ain’t afraid, they’re calling in sick and boycotting their schools due to what they think are lax measures.
      See this article in the SFGATE for some confusing metrics.

      • Emily

        Those metrics from SFGATE are indeed contradictory. I’ve read similar articles about Portland that are just like that.

        Fingers crossed, maybe in a few months’ time there will be more data about Omicron and other emerging variants that will make it easier for everyone to agree on the right approach to testing, isolation, and going back out in public. Right now, people are just gonna believe whatever they want and do whatever they want. Come to think of it, this is the way things have been for the last 22 months.

        Hang in there and let’s hope that something good is right around the corner.

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