1. Emily

    The foxes are adorable! And who doesn’t love a nice crop of chard?

    They say that fox urine repels deer, skunks, rabbits, squirrels, and other animals that might be deemed as pests in a garden. So perhaps it’s a good thing to have a fox family watching over your yard.

  2. sergneri

    Hi – we have captured a video of the foxes and the deer in the front of the house, ignoring one another as the deer forage and the foxes romp, so they don’t appear to be afraid of the other.
    We think that the kits have moved on, less disturbance in the chard and as expected, everything bounced back. Less poo too! It was like having a puppy for a while, daily clean up.

    • Emily

      Interesting! It sounds like the foxes and the deer worked out an agreement to break bread (or chard! side by side, like people seated close to strangers at a family-style restaurant. : )

      I hope the kits are doing well out there, wherever they are.

      Chard is an underrated green. So delicious and so good for you. I like putting it in vegan quiche. Enjoy!

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