1. Emily

    It sounds like a modest but idyllic lifestyle for these two!

    What I liked about this wedding announcement is the very blase, even cheerful description of the characters. It used to be quite scandalous for someone to get divorced, let alone remarry, so whoever submitted this announcement seemed to be of the mindset that it was okay.

    However, there was no word on whether the new wife is also a divorcee or a widow. If the former, not the latter, I wonder if there was a juicy backstory to the situation that we weren’t told about.

  2. sergneri

    If I’d hazard a guess, she was the cook at the sawmill therefore a widow. After going to a live demonstration day at Stergeon’s sawmill outside of Sebastopol CA a few years ago, I can easily see why it wasn’t a safe livelihood. The “shooting gallery” is the line that the teeth from the big saw blade would “fire” as they broke off, just one of the hazards of many in clearing the cut logs from the mill.

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