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  1. Emily

    Your efforts are admirable! Keep up the good work.

    The few times I’ve visited California, I always marveled at the drought conditions. Here in Portland, it’s not that bad, but I think we should all conserve water anyway.

    A very easy way to save water in the kitchen is to boil pasta in a precise amount of water so that there is no need to pour excess pasta water down the drain. A recipe that I’ve been using for years is this one:

    Everything cooks in a single pot. No colander is required, so there’s one less thing to wash, and that also saves water.

    If you pair this with a protein, it’s a complete meal. I often eat this with Meatless Crispy Patties, which are these frozen vegan breaded chicken-like patties that I get from the Kroger-owned supermarket near me. I just bake them while the pasta cooks. It’s incredibly easy.

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