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  1. sergneri

    Uganda over the past few days reported a surge in new Sudan Ebola
    cases, with lab-confirmed cases rising to 90, including 9 more in
    Kampala, the country’s capital and most populated city.

    The cases are the 1st from Kampala, home to 1.7 million people. The
    initial case-patient was a man who had traveled there from an
    earlier-affected district and died at the hospital where he sought

    Outbreak responders have identified 1830 contacts for follow-up
    monitoring, and 28 people are currently receiving treatment.

    The outbreak began in September 2022 and involves the less common
    Sudan Ebola strain, for which there are no approved treatments or
    vaccines. Health officials aired worries early in the outbreak, noting
    that the virus may have been circulating for as long as 3 weeks before
    the 1st suspected cases were reported. Also, the outbreak’s epicenter
    in Mubende is near a busy highway with a highly mobile population.

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