Lost Steamship Bahama – 1882

Daily Alta California, 25 February 1882. Napoleon Metherin, a seaman of the lost steam- ship Bahama, has been brought to New York, being picked up from a deck-house, on which he had floated six days. From: http://www.theshipslist.com/ships/lines/bermuda.shtml Vessel Built Years in Service Tons Bahama 1862 ex- General Meade , 1869 purchased renamed Bahama, 1882 sank … [Read more…]


Daily Alta California – 25 February 1882 BEER. Its Use Increasing in the United States — Surpassing Excellence of the Product of the Philadelphia Brewery of this City. Gradually the consumption of beer increases in this country, and what formerly was almost an entirely national German beverage, is becoming the national beverage of the United … [Read more…]

A Malicious Anonymous Letter.

Daily Alta California – 25 February 1882 Yesterday afternoon Superintendent of Schools Taylor called at the office of the Chief of Police and asked police assistance in searching the male pupils at Hamllton Grammar School, on Geary street, for concealed firearms. It appears that Mr. Robinson, Prinripal of the school, received an anonymous letter, stating … [Read more…]

Charley Parkhurst – Pioneer, Stage Driver, Farmer, Woodman, Etc

TOO STRANGE NOT TO BE TRUE A Woman Passes for a Man for a Quarter of a Century in California. “Charley Parkhurst,” ‘Pioneer, Stage Driver, Farmer, Woodman, Etc, Dies at the Age of 67, and is Found to be a Woman. WATSONVILLE, December 31st.~The Pajaronian, to-morrow, will contain the following : On Sunday last, in … [Read more…]

PURISSIMA, San Mateo County 17 January 1862

PURISSIMA, Jan. 10th.–The flood has been most disastrous on this creek, especially to N. C. Lane. About two or three acres of ground slid into the creek above the saw mill, overwhelming the barn, and killing instantly two valuable horses and four oxen. It then struck the Snelling House, completely demolishing it. Lane had just … [Read more…]

Accident at Nuclear Plant Spawns a Medical Mystery

From the LA Times: http://articles.latimes.com/1990-09-10/news/mn-271_1_radiation-exposure   Accident at Nuclear Plant Spawns a Medical Mystery : Health: Questions are being raised about the effects of radiation exposures. Scientific answers are lacking. September 10, 1990|LINDA ROACH MONROE | TIMES STAFF WRITER RICHLAND, Wash. — On that Saturday morning in 1962, the men whose bodies formed the radiological … [Read more…]

Must See the Race

From the Sacramento Daily Union, 18 April 1856 – some things never change: Must See the Race. — The Legislature, not much to its credit certainly, adjourned yesterday, not far from 12 o’clock, for the sole purpose of permitting the majority to attend at the Race Course, and witness the race. As per resolution, that body … [Read more…]

Save the Fish.

Happily, I found this opinion piece from the Dec. 27th, 1888 Marin Journal. I’m happy as it shows we have been aware of the problems of over fishing and pollution “way back when”, one hundred plus years ago. It is disheartening to see that some of the same problems exist today. Marin Journal,  27 December … [Read more…]

The Afro-American Council

Sacramento Union, 1 November 1906 COLORED MEN FOR GILLETT The Afro-American Council is Reorganizing in All the Towns in the Upper Sacra- mento Valley.   MARYSVILLE, Oct. 31st.—Saturday evening the colored residents of this locality will hold a mass meeting in the colored Odd Fellows’ hall on C street for the purpose of reorganizing the … [Read more…]